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born October 4, 1973

I've been knowing Vincent for maybe 30-something years, if not longer. Vincent was the mother of House of Infiniti. And that’s where SHEBA started: the House of Infinity. He always been a trendsetter. Fashionista. Always did things outside the box. He loves to sing and is very good at it.

Vincent a church queen. I used to always see him at the church. Church been a big influence on him and taught him work skills that he used in his job with the newspaper. He also done some bartending. Used to work at bars like Purr. I loved attending the church he went to. It was always filled with the gays. He is a believer in loving everyone no matter how they identify. And he believes the church should be a place that believes that too. 

Vincent’s always been an advocate for unity, very supportive, and done HIV/AIDS advocacy work through the House of Infinity. He used to be handing out condoms and lube at parties and gay bars. Even today he still keeps some in his car in case anyone ever needs them–not for personal use, so he say lol.

Vincent Morrow

Illustration by Sebastian Penn

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