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born July 11

I never met Roxie before this project. Me and her moved in different circles. She was mostly at The Pint, the lesbian bar. That’s where she got her start as a musician. It seems every Milwaukee lesbian and trans man of a certain age know Roxie Beane because of her singing at The Pint. If you ever get a chance to visit The Pint her name will be ringing bells as one of Milwaukee’s finest entertainers to grace they stage.

In 2006 Roxie represented The Pint at Pride Idol, and this year [2024] she was in our Black Legends of Pride show at PrideFest. That girl can sing! And she sooo funny! If you don’t know Roxie, you gone come to love her like I did.

Roxie lived in Milwaukee her whole life. She grew up on the north side, raised Jehovah’s Witness. Never knew no gay people. Met her first girlfriend in a AOL chat room, back when the internet was new. She come so far, and become a star to our community.

Roxie Beane

Illustration by Ellery Pascual

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