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February 15, 1958 - November 9, 2023

I met Ronnie at Larry's (LP Designs). Larry was my designer who used to make and design all my costumes. Ronnie used to come to the shows and loved to see me perform all the old school music like Jennifer Holiday. He then became the facilitator of SHEBA so I got to work with him even more closely first hand. He pushed me and the SHEBA girls to do different things we didn’t think was possible. He was a mentor that was going to teach you how to mentor so you too could help others. Ronnie was like a uncle to everyone in the community. Me too. He always wanted better for me and made sure I shined in every way possible. 

Ronnie came to my house on many occasions, supporting whatever business I had going on, and he came to many of my family functions. He knew I came from a long line of big girls that could throw down in the kitchen and he loved my grandmother peach cobbler, so we shared many many meals together, child.

When I was going through my cancer treatment, Ronnie was always there. Many prayers and phone calls asking me if I needed anything. He always made sure I was okay. We both hated cancer and we both fought long and hard to overcome it. But God made him a guardian angel to watch over us. 

RIP, my love. Take your rest and just know thru me and the House of History your legacy will forever live on.

Ronnie Grace

Illustration by Intan Zulkifli

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