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born February 12, 1988

Ricardo, he’s like my niece. Always willing to help. Go-getter. Another person who don't let her weight stop her from getting things done. We big girls just give people more to love. In the ballroom scene, Ricardo is known as TeeTee Mizrahi, mother of the House of Mizrahi, Milwaukee chapter. Before he started his own house, the children he knew from other houses started calling Ricardo “TeeTee,” like “auntie,” and that’s how he got his name. Ricardo’s been helping bring back the spotlight on ballroom, especially to Milwaukee. He really looks up to the elders, appreciates the history of the houses. He says he don’t want the work of the people before him to go in vain. Like myself, Ricardo wants people legacies to live on. 

Ricardo done a lot of HIV/AIDS work, carrying on that legacy that started with House of Infinity. He started with Monroe, Inc., the second Black organization to get funding from the state for HIV prevention. Now he do it with his house. And he work as Community Engagement Manager for the county’s Office of Equity. 

Ricardo a niece, auntie, mother, advocate, entertainer, spokesperson, grant writer–I told you nothing stop him! And if it’s money out there in the community or anywhere, he can find it and get it for you. He take care of you. He take care of us. He had it hard, and what he do? He make it easier for others.  

Ricardo Wynn

Illustration by Sebastian Penn

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