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born July 26, 1983

I met Monei–or Money, as we call her–maybe about 20 something years ago. Before she started her transition. I've seen her blossom into the woman that she is now. Becoming and turning her own life over from being a woman of the night to a woman of the day.


I’ve seen that dramatic change from a wild person to a advocate for transgender rights. Monei was a sex worker for 10 years. She had a lot of traumatizing experiences, and she eventually realized she didn’t want to live that kind of life anymore. She now has a job of meaning that gives back. She is a peer navigator for Diverse and Resilient and helps people get out of tough situations.

 Me and Money had a lot of good friends in common that we lost to violence and HIV. We knew a lot of the trans sisters killed in Milwaukee lately. Us and Tyra Neal’s been in SHEBA the longest. We been through a lot. But Money’s always got something motivational to say. And you always know she gone speak her mind and speak up for others. Helping people brings her joy.

Monei Evans

Illustration by Giselle Pritzlaff

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