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born August 16, 1989

Elle Halo. She done so much for us, for our community.  She’s one of our best trans activists in the city. She’s known across the country too. 

Elle’s a active member in SHEBA and she’s done our Facebook page since 2015. She joined the board of Diverse of Resilient in 2016. She’s also been with Public Allies (which she introduced me to), Love on Black Women, Milwaukee’s Equal Rights Commission, Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, ACLU of Wisconsin, and Wisconsin Department of Health Services. Elle’s been with the Black AIDS Institute and the Black Trans Advocacy Coalition too, which are national. She does her own consulting and started the Paris Ticca Mahone Memorial Transition Fund, which helps girls with their laser treatments. It’s named in honor of one of Milwaukee’s legendary entertainers that was one of my close friends and sisters who I myself had the honor of sharing stages with. Paris helped me win Miss Black Wisconsin.

Elle’s mother was a real inspiration for her. She taught Elle about systems and justice and equity. Sometimes Elle thinks about moving on, not being a activist anymore, but like myself is quickly reminded we as trans women are not free til we all are free.

Elle Halo

Illustration by Sebastian Penn

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