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Dynasty is a living legend. She’s been around since Jesus lol. I could listen to her tell stories for hours. She’s lived through so much and has a amazing memory.

Dynasty and I performed side-by-side many of times, as well as both being cast members for different shows. She’s a wonderful person to work with. She’s a phenomenal entertainer, a great MC, and she was always sharp. You could always guarantee she was gone come out with a sickening gown. Dynasty broke the odds. She won a lot of pageants, won many crowns, and was a state title holder. She won Miss Gay WI in 1994. Dynasty performed all throughout the city, places like LaCage and the old bar Club 219 on the southside. Dynasty knew a number of the guys Jeffrey Dahmer picked up at 219 and murdered. She was closest to Deaf Tony. Lotta people don’t remember he mostly targeted us Blacks, and that the police let him get away with it for a long time. Dynasty’s first gay bar was Artony’s, a Black bar. Art and Tony let her in even though she wasn’t old enough, and let her change from boy clothes to girl clothes in the bathroom. 

Our other sister Tyra Neal (Vicki, as she calls her), was a big inspiration for Dynasty. She couldn’t believe Tyra could successfully work at a big factory as a woman – a transgender woman. After seeing Tyra do it, Dynasty got her education, got her nursing license, and always kept a job. She didn’t have to perform to pay the bills, or do other things a lotta girls think they have to do to make money. She worked her job, and performed because she wanted to. Today she’s retired from everything, but hopefully everyone will come to know her and hear her stories.

Dynasty Scott

Illustration by Intan Zulkifli

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