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born September 4, 1973

Anthony is my husband of 13 years. We met in 2010. He loves Milwaukee and has been living here since he was 6 months old. Anthony is very protective of me. He says I am his first love and that I am everything to him. 

Anthony lives his life the way he wants and doesn’t believe in labels. He never was able to come out. He was exposed in 2003 while in prison. If he had to, Anthony’d say he identifies as married to the love of his life.

Anthony has been the most supportive trans ally, coming with me to events like the Black Trans Advocacy Coalition conference. He stood on the steps beside me in Madison holding up pictures of my trans babies who lost their lives for living in their truth. He is a three-year member of Anchors, which is a group dedicated to partners and spouses of someone who’s trans. Through this work and support, Anthony has been able to open doors he never imagined, and has walked through many as well, holding the hand of a trans woman.

Anthony Toy

Illustration by Intan Zulkifli

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