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born August 1, 1989

Angela’s a big deal. She’s on the news a lot talking about elections, and a lotta politicians be giving her her flowers. Or should be. Angela is the executive director of BLOC (Black Leaders Organizing Communities). They go out talking to Black voters, find out what they need, then help get people in office who will do right by us. She make sure we got a voice in politics and that people hear it.   

Angela’s mom was a big influence on her. Always stood up for what was right. Angela will never forget this time at Grand Avenue Mall with her mom when she was a highschooler. They saw a rich-looking white guy knock over a little kid’s tray and not even notice. Spilled all his food and the man just walked away. Angela’s mom chased that man down to tell him about himself, and you know what? That man open up his wallet and give the boy money for more food. 

I know it must’ve been real hard for Angela when her mom died. I been there. Her mom was her best friend. Always in her corner. Angela was so young when she lost her mom, but her mom still made Angela the woman she is today, and we should all give Angela’s mom her flowers for that.

Angela Lang

Illustration by Ellery Pascual

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