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born March 31, 1998

Yanté may be young, but he’s got a old soul. And a big heart. I met him when he used to work  at Diverse and Resilient. We got to experience BTAC (Black Trans Advocacy Coalition) for the first time together a few years ago. Now we both try to attend the conference every year. 

Yanté’s very passionate about making life better for Black people and trans people. He does a lot of facilitating and helps people get housing, grants, and money to help pay for day-to-day living. He started Sun-seeker MKE Collective, which is a Black- and trans-led abolitionist organization that focuses on safety and Black liberation. A lot of the men in his family–even his dad–he seen them all go to prison and sometimes never come out. That’s why he really wants alternatives to prisons and policing that actually rehabilitate and heal people. Because he knows what it does. 

Yanté is a big dreamer. He’s good at helping people see how things could be better and how to do it. Yanté believes he can bring to life the world he imagines where Blacks, trans, queers, women, and everyone can be totally safe. If anyone can do it, it’s him.

Yanté Turner

Illustration by Ellery Pascual

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