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born January 28, 1989

I never met a trans pastor before Cameron Overton. He grew up in a church like I did, where you wasn’t allowed to be gay or trans. And now he’s a pastor. Father too. 

One time, when he was a kid, Cameron went on a trip with his grandparents. He told everyone–all the other kids at the campground–that he was a boy and had a twin sister. He didn’t like swimming but his twin sister did. That’s who was wearing the girl’s swimsuit, not him. He said it felt so good to get to be a boy. Cameron’s grandparents is still good to him, but not the rest of his family.

Still, he’s made a beautiful life and helped a lot of people. Especially at his Zao MKE Church. It’s not just their services. They do lots of community events. We had Ronnie Grace’s homegoing celebration there. And vigils for the trans girls that’s been murdered. Cameron likes talking about trans people being magical. And Jesus being a brown-skinned revolutionary. He’ll talk your ear off, but he has a lot of good things to say.



Cameron Overton

Illustration by Giselle Pritzlaff

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